Christopher Layton, Colonizer, Statesman, Leader



On Christopher Layton’s seventy-seventh birthday, which he commemorated in Safford, Arizona, he was visited by many friends and members of his family. President Andrew Kimball, of the St. Joseph Stake, suggested that a committee of the Layton family be appointed to gather their father’s genealogy and write a history of his life. This suggestion was immediately acted upon, a committee was appointed, and Christopher Layton began dictating his life story. This autobiography was designed to be passed on from generation to generation and to be preserved as a family memorial.

Christopher Layton reveals himself as a common man who achieved great success as a business man, a Church man and particularly as a family man, being a father of sixty children and a husband to ten wives. The courage, perseverance, and faith of the man during trials, sorrow, despair, persecutions and rebuff inspires the reader and marks Layton as one of the great men in pioneer Mormonism.


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