Clothed with Charity: Talks from the 1996 Women’s Conference

Women and men from all walks of life have contributed to this volume, offering support, insight, and advice. Their topics include managing stress, spending time wisely, making decisions, studying the scriptures, building self-confidence, developing spiritual maturity, finding holiness, improving family relationships, and doing the charitable works of God.

Recognizing the potential of women, Patricia Holland believes that “a woman seeking the cloak of charity, a woman desiring with all her heart to receive the fulness of God, has a chance to break through these telestial, temporal trappings.” One of these “temporal trappings” is judging others, and many of the chapters deal with the consequences of unrighteous or inappropriate judging. Elaine L. Jack counsels, “As you take stock of yourself and your situation, base your evaluation of where you are on your own criteria, not that of another person.” Helen B. Stone agrees that “unrealistic expectations of others or self needlessly complicate life.”

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