Discovering the World of the Bible


Dr. Berrett’s book is an invaluable tool to any traveler in the Middle East. In includes most of the identifiable biblical sites and many non-biblical points of interest, plus dozens of maps, charts, diagrams, and color and black-and white photographs. Latter-day Saints will find references to LDS scriptures which pertain to the various locations.

Dr. Berrett in his preface correctly stated “. . . local guides do not always know what the individual visitor wishes to see.” Often LDS tourists are disappointed because they are unable to receive the Mormon point of view of the places they visit. A good example of where Dr. Berrett has included interesting LDS insights to a particular location is his material on the Qumran Community and the Dead Sea Scrolls (pp. 312–314). Non-Mormons, however, should find this travel guide equally helpful because only a small fraction of the total content makes reference to LDS scriptures and writings, and these are usually at the end of the biblical material.

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