Eliza R. Snow’s “Sketch of My Life”

Reminiscences of one of Joseph Smith's Plural Wives


The weather in Daviess County, Missouri, was exceedingly warm in July 1838. It had also been very dry for some time. By the first Monday of August, which was election day, the weather was still warmer, and at the county seat of Daviess County, Gallatin, it was very hot. On that day the heat caused by the emotions and tensions between the Mormons and gentiles in Missouri matched that of the weather and produced a short but fiery episode known as the Election Day Battle at Gallatin. This bloody fight was only portentous of more terribly dark and threatening events in Missouri—indeed, within two months the Mormon armies had burned Gallatin, and in less than three months Governor Boggs had issued the infamous extermination order which caused indescribable sufferings for the Mormon people and ultimately led to the expulsion of all the Saints from the state.



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