Everybody is Ignorant, Only on Different Subjects



Eliot Butler discusses what it means to be an “educated” person. His final assessment about education and learning means carries an amount of responsibility to all humankind: “To be an educated person does not carry a set of comfortable guarantees— it will neither cure acne nor remove unwanted weight. It does not promise to remove all ambiguities from life. But the educated person will have increased capacity for living amidst some ambiguity, without losing faith in God or man. To be educated does not promise that one will be popular, but neither does it require that one become a social clod. Indeed the educated person is vastly more interesting to be around. To be educated will enrich one’s life and increase one’s joy—and joy is the reason that humans are. To be educated will increase one’s humanness and one’s respect and love for God’s offspring—and such love is the second great commandment. To be educated will enlarge one’s capacity to serve one’s neighbor—and to serve well is the highest calling for a child of God.”


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