From Jerusalem to Zarahemla

The ten scholarly studies collected in this volume represent a harvest of almost two decades of close and careful reading of the Book of Mormon. In these studies, Kent Brown draws on his training and experience in biblical studies, applying methodologies long used in the reading of biblical texts to the texts of the Book of Mormon with surprising and satisfying results. He asks questions of the Book of Mormon and finds that the text often contains much evidence that has previously been overlooked. The answers Brown finds are always insightful.

Six of the studies were previously published in various places and appear here significantly revised with updated bibliographies. These include a discussion of Lehi’s record; the now-classic study of the Exodus pattern in the Book of Mormon; a study of six elements of Alma’s conversion story, traceable throughout his sermons; the identification and analysis of prophetic lament forms in the words of Samuel the Lamanite; an article on Jesus’ visit to the Americas; and a comparison of Moses and Jesus. Readers will appreciate having these articles together in one volume.

Published in BYU Studies Quarterly 39:1
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