Getting There


The best entrances are close to the ground,
Usually by where you already are.
They are also the hardest to find.
You know, shrubs and tall grass,
Camouflaging tricks in front of, say,
A loose plank. Plus the fact that we like
To gaze at the stars. But stars make such tiny
Holes that usually we can’t get through.
No, not stars. Openings close to the ground.
Sometimes they are the space between
Two overlapping sections, and you have
To slip in sideways. But horrendous leaps,
The kind that take you to the stars,
Are not required. Sometimes they are hollows
Underneath where lying flat is more likely
To succeed. That way you can hold onto
The grass and walk on the fronts of your thighs
While the earth rolls toward upside down
And all the star-jumpers collide overhead.

Just be sure that when you spot the opening,
You don’t get so excited that you start
Jumping around and hit beside or above
Instead of going through.

It is like slipping between the words
To get to the world behind.


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