High in Utah

A Hiking Guide to the Tallest Peak in Each of the State’s Twenty-Nine Counties

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High in Utah: A Hiking Guide to the Tallest Peak in Each of the State’s Twenty-nine Counties, by Michael R. Weibel and Dan Miller (University of Utah Press, 1999)

By at least one standard, Utah is the highest state in the United States. While other states may boast higher peaks, Utah has a unique elevation claim of its own: the average elevation of the tallest peaks in each of Utah’s twenty-nine counties is roughly 11,222 feet—the highest of any state. This book identifies each of these peaks, provides straightforward directions on how to reach the summits, and enables hikers to enjoy discovering the high-altitude outdoors.

Each hike features three easy-to-read maps: a state locator, an area map showing road access, and a topographical trail map. Accompanying the maps is valuable descriptive information on each hike, placing particular emphasis on directions to the trailhead. Hikers using the maps and the detailed instructions would have a hard time getting lost. High in Utah also evaluates each hike according to distance, difficulty, and elevation gain, and it includes historical background, wildlife information, safety precautions, and other tips that make for an enriched hiking experience.

This is a book for peak baggers and recreational hikers alike. Most of these mountains can be climbed in a day. In fact, some summits can be reached by car. None of them require technical climbing skills or special equipment. For that reason, High in Utah is a great resource for active families. Selecting a suitable yet challenging hike can be a great source of family fun. High in Utah reminds us that mountains have symbolic significance and that we are drawn to high places.


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