Historia de los Santos de los Últimos Días en Paraguay

Relatos de Pioneros

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Historia de los Santos de los Últimos Días en Paraguay: Relatos de Pioneros, by Néstor Curbelo (published by the author, 2003)

This is the third volume tracing the history of the LDS Church in southern South America by Néstor Curbelo, Institute Director in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The volume briefly outlines the history of the Church in Paraguay beginning with the introduction of missionaries in 1949 when it became part of the Uruguayan Mission, through the organization of the Paraguay Asunción Mission in 1977, and ending with the dedication of the Asuncíon, Paraguay Temple in 2002. It has an informative examination of missionary work among the indigenous population including the intriguing story of the village of Mistolar, where most of the inhabitants joined the Church.

As in Curbelo’s previous volumes on Argentina and Uruguay, the book is not a strictly chronological history but a construction of the story of the Church using primarily quotes from oral interviews of missionaries and members conducted by the author. Copies of the oral interviews have been deposited in the BYU Library and the LDS Church Archives. There is limited commentary or analysis and the focus of the book is on people not events. There is a valuable chronology of the history of the Church in Paraguay and good charts and maps. Of significant interest is the large number of photographs (160 of them) that provide a delightful visual history of the Church.

This is a volume for the member and missionary that may be weak on analysis but strong on spirit and faith. The Church and scholarly community is indebted to the sacrificing work of Néstor as he strives to preserve in these volumes the history of the LDS Church in South America.


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