Humanity and Practical Christianity

Implications for a Worldwide Church



Today Latter-day Saints go into the world, and the Church they represent has expanded well beyond the United States and Europe and is reaching into Asia, Latin America, and Africa for its membership. During the last twenty years, as this demographic shift from the West to the rest of the globe occurred, Latter-day Saints applauded and took pride in the growth revealed by annual statistical reports.

Generally speaking, however, we have not fully comprehended the manifold implications and responsibility that such success brings to the Church and to us as individuals. As we increasingly rub shoulders with people of cultures unlike our own, we have a unique opportunity to become intimately aware not only of obvious differences but of significant similarities as well. Some of us discover with surprise the strength of the bond our common humanity creates between us. We recognize in new acquaintances a brother, a sister, one to whom we belong.


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