Hymn from Deuteronomy 30:20


That we may love our God
and love his Son, who conquered death,
that we may bear their rod—
they loved us first and lend us breath.

That we may heed God’s voice
and find the Savior, whom we seek,
that we may know our choice—
his watchmen on the tower speak.

That we may cleave unto
and walk with God in all our ways,
that we may go and do
for God, who is our length of days,

that we may live and move
and be in him, and in this land,
that we may love and prove
our Lord—dwell long, and faithful stand:

For self and seed choose life—
say, “Lord, we will abide in thee.”
For self and seed choose life—
earth’s light and life has made us free.


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