Jedediah Morgan Grant, ca. 1856
Six of Jedediah Grant’s sons, 1877
Heber J. Grant’s ten daughters, ca. 1902
Family tree of Jedediah M. and Heber J. Grant
The Grant adobe home on Main Street
Young Heber and his mother, Rachel
Cottage on Second East Street
Heber J. Grant as a baby, ca. 1858
Bishop Edwin D. Woolley, ca. 1854
Heber as a young man
Young Orson F. Whitney, ca. 1875
Young Emily Wells
Rulon Wells and Orson Whitney, ca. 1875
Heber J. Grant as a young boy with his mother, Rachel
Zion’s Savings Bank and Trust
Grant Brothers’ Livery and Transfer Company
The Salt Lake Theatre, ca. 1864
Templeton building
Detail of the Templeton building
Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Institution
Heber with Lucy and their children, 1887
Heber M. Wells
Note from H. B. Claffin Company
Elder Abraham H. Cannon
Elder Heber J. Grant
David Eccles
Heber J. Grant in 1883
Richard W. Young
Anthony W. Ivins
Emily Wells
Heber and Emily’s family
Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, ca. 1882
The First Presidency, ca. 1880
The First Presidency, 1894
First Latter-day Saint missionaries called to Japan, 1901
Missionaries at the Yokohama, Japan, dedication site
Heber J. Grant with several missionaries and their wives
Group of missionaries in England, 1906
Heber J. Grant signing books
Cities that Heber J. Grant visited, November 1903 to August 1906
Heber and Emily in front of St. Mark’s Cathedral, 1906


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