Imparting One to Another: The Role of Humility, Charity, and Consecration within an Artistic Community

A few weeks ago, there was a yard sale down the street from my mother’s house. I struck up a conversation with the woman running the sale and discovered she was an artist, so I asked to see her work. The two pieces she showed me, both paintings on stone, were of great beauty. The artist spoke of her work and her creation process with a confidence that made me take a second look at her, a talented person who like millions of others around the world will probably never be widely known. She is a barmaid. When the woman found out that I, too, am an artist and asked me some questions, I was pleasantly surprised by the interest she took in my comments. I left the brief conversation feeling that I had met someone genuine and open, someone both confident and humble. I wonder how many people who come into the bar know they are being served by a woman with such ability.

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