“Is Not This of God?”

An 1847 Proposal for Mormon Settlement



On September 30, 1847, Charles Root Dana, who had been sent on a fund raising mission to the East by Brigham Young, got off the train in Washington, D.C. For the next month he worked diligently in the capital city to enlist support for his fellow Mormons, asking for “Liberal donations commensurate with the suffering circumstances of an afflicted and oppressed people.” If the Washington campaign was a success at least in arousing strong support from prominent individuals, it was largely due to a sympathetic friend Dana met the day after his arrival. This was General Duff Green, the father of Dana’s landlady and a figure of considerable reputation. This article reproduces a letter General Green sent to Dana on November 2, 1847, in an attempt to persuade the Mormons to settle in Santo Domingo. Green’s letter is of particular interest because he casually assumes that the Mormons wanted to become an independent and sovereign nation.


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