Isaac Galland—Mormon Benefactor



Of the scores of converts to Mormonism who failed to remain true to their newly found faith, few are so interesting and colorful as Isaac Galland. Because many of those who have had a hand in preserving his biography seem to have enhanced their sources by making him either more or less respectable, according to their personal bias, Isaac Galland still remains an enigma today. This article will present major points of interest in Isaac Galland’s life, giving special consideration to his Mormon-related activities.

Research confirms that Dr. Isaac Galland was clearly a Mormon benefactor. His correspondence with political leaders and his extensive landholdings combined in assisting the Saints to gather again. Joseph Smith declared that the distinguished Dr. Galland was the “instrument of the Lord” in providing a place of refuge for the homeless, persecuted Saints. Although his primary motivation for aiding the Saints appears to have been financial gain, it is quite possible that without Isaac Galland there might never have been a Nauvoo.



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