Joseph Smith’s Prophetic Gifts

His Prophecies Fulfilled

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Joseph Smith’s Prophetic Gifts: His Prophecies Fulfilled, by Pat Ament (Two Lights, 2003)

Prophets prophesy. They foretell the future. They explain coming events. They live in the future as much as in the present, and in so doing they draw their listeners into an eternal view of themselves and of the world to come. So it was with the Prophet Joseph Smith. More than people might realize, the Prophet of the Restoration was occupied with things to come.

In this limited-edition publication, devotee Pat Ament has laboriously assembled a large collection of the known or attributed prophecies issued by Joseph Smith and, where possible, has included clear indications of their fulfillments. The collection is organized chronologically, one prophetic statement after another. The book aims to be comprehensive, inclusive of all prophetic statements originating in Joseph’s voice.

Reading this book, page upon page, leaves the reader with a composite view that students otherwise rarely see. The sheer number of futuristic statements, even if some may not be as rigorously documented as critical scholarship would like, is evidence enough of the charisma that led many around Joseph to embrace and revere him as one who spoke with the tongue of God. Through judicious and reflective use of these pages, readers are able to know Brother Joseph and his prophetic gifts again.


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