Joseph Smith’s Revision of the Bible


Since the reviewer and his pupil, Merrill Y. Van Wagoner, made their limited studies on the “Inspired” revision of the Bible about thirty years ago, much useful labor on the same book has been accomplished by their younger successors. One needs only consult page 86 of Dr. Matthews’s present work to find the names of those responsible for scholarly investigations that have added much to our knowledge of the history of the Revision, its doctrines, and general value. I would especially call attention to the work of Calvin H. Bartholomew, James R. Clark, Reed C. Durham, and Robert J. Matthews, whose latest pamphlet, small as it is, should be a handy reference work for every earnest student of LDS scripture. In his introduction he says, “This pamphlet concerning the Inspired Revision deals with some of Joseph Smith’s great contributions toward understanding and interpreting the Bible, and attempts to give an appreciation for this particular phase of the Prophet’s divine mission.”


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