Kingdom on the Mississippi Revisited

Nauvoo in Mormon History

Book Notice

Kingdom on the Mississippi Revisited: Nauvoo in Mormon History, edited by Roger D. Launius and John E. Hallwas (University of Illinois Press, 1996)

This attractive paperback volume is the creation of two well-known scholars of the Nauvoo period. It constitutes a ready reference to a wide range of articles on Nauvoo in the 1840s. The fourteen essays appearing in this volume are all reprints. They originally appeared in a variety of publications that feature Mormon history, including such publications as the Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, Journal of Mormon History, Utah Historical Quarterly, and Dialogue.

The authors of these essays represent a broad range of scholarship, religious orientation, academic instituitions, and scholarly approaches. These writers are generally recognized as authorities in their fields of academic specialty. Some of the subjects these authors cover include the Nauvoo Charter, the Nauvoo Legion, the press in Nauvoo, religion in Nauvoo, polygamy in Nauvoo, the Martyrdom, and relations between Emma Smith and Brigham Young.

For anyone with any interest in Nauvoo, this book of essays will save time and energy. For one thing, the editors have provided a complete index that gets the reader into relevant material from several articles. The book promises to be a useful tool.


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