Lula Greene Richards

Utah’s First Woman Editor



Dedicated, ambitious and prolific, Lula Richards Green had a vast number of interests, many of which developed into causes and crusades and all of which she must have written about at one time or another during her ninety-five years. While her poetry ran to lofty sentiment and her essays often concentrated on advice for moral living, she was eminently practical, as free with advice on curing bad breath or cleansing the hair as she was with urgings to pursue education or support woman’s suffrage. She had a sense of humor, as well. It emerged in her selection of items for the miscellany columns of the Woman’s Exponent, which she edited, as well as in her own writing for that paper. In later years it found frequent release in the poems, stories, and comments she prepared “For Our Little Folks” in the Sunday School magazine, The Juvenile Instructor.


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