Mapping Historic Nauvoo



Historians, archaeologists, and restorationists as the have worked to re-create the unique atmosphere and grasp the historic context of Nauvoo. In the last thirty years as Nauvoo Restoration Inc. has restored reconstructed, and refurbished many of the city’s streets, buildings, and homes, modern maps reflecting this work have been include in recent publications. Those maps have enhanced the mental imagery of Nauvoo the city and of the events which took place in its early years. However, in many of the recent maps, some place-names differ from map to map, coastlines move up and down, and of course the city seems to grow as sites are discovered and identified. The cartography of early Nauvoo also falls into difficulty when the nature of an American frontier town of the nineteenth century is taken into consideration. Population surges in newly formed towns often meant the actual city differed from its intended design.

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