Messages of the First Presidency, Volume 1



In compiling the Messages of the First Presidency, Professor Clark is seeking to perform a vital and helpful work. To Latter-day Saints, the official pronouncements of the First Presidency are of utmost importance particularly those from the formative period of the Church. Professor Clark commences this volume with a Preface and an Introduction, after which he compiles in chronological order those available statements, letters, discourses, etc. which he considers as official pronouncements. The first 231 pages concern the administration of Joseph Smith, while the remaining 132 pages contain the administration of Brigham Young between July, 1844 and October, 1849. Until December, 1847, Brigham was acting in the capacity of President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. While the Index is fairly adequate, it omits some items. (For example, the editorial on “The Gift of the Holy Ghost,” pages 143–149, is not listed under Holy Ghost.) There is no table of Contents. Evidently Professor Clark feels that the chronological listing of documents, with the Index he personally prepared, is sufficient to give the reader the necessary assistance in finding specific items within the volume.


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