Missionaries to the Saints



Preaching the good word of repentance has characterized the Mormon missionary message since the Church was founded. Missionaries started traveling shortly after the publication of the Book of Mormon, and invited everyone to accept the restored gospel. In addition to the missionaries called to take the new message to non-Mormons, some missionaries were called to repeat the doctrinal teachings to members of the Church. These specially called missionaries set the pattern of Church meetings, dominated the speaking style, and established the tradition of traveling speakers.

Auxiliary missionaries and home missionaries are callings which have ceased to function in the Mormon Church as independent assignments. Gone is the horseback missionary riding wintry trails to preach fiery reformation sermons to the Saints. However, remnants of these once vital callings continue in the traditional duties of many leadership offices in the Church. A high councilor speaking in a ward sacrament meeting, a General Authority visiting a stake conference, and an auxiliary board member conducting a regional workshop are examples in our day of the home missionary form.


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