Mormon Bibliography 1991



The Mormon Bibliography 1991 is a selective bibliography of publications about Mormons and Mormonism. It is selective because, although every attempt was made to include all aspects of Mormonism, we have excluded some types of items. Specifically, we excluded all newspaper articles and articles published in the official magazines of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; these are well indexed by the Church itself. We have, however, retained and listed in the Arts and Literature section of the bibliography the individual poems, short stories, etc., from these official magazines.

In the Arts and Literature section, we have included every item pertaining to this category, except critical essays, which is written by a Mormon author, regardless of the content. The other sections include only articles and books written by Mormon authors with a specific Mormon focus and theme.

As with any bibliography, of course, we constantly fear not knowing of a publication and therefore leaving it out. If readers know of publications that should have been included in this Mormon Bibliography, please contact Ellen Copley or Scott Duvall in the Department of Special Collections of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU. We will include those publications in the 1992 Mormon Bibliography.

This bibliography is broadly organized into the following sections: List of abbreviations, Arts and Literature, Bibliography, Biography and Autobiography, Contemporary Issues, Doctrine and Scripture, History and Inspiration. The works are listed alphabetically by author within each section.

List of Abbreviations

The following abbreviations are used for Mormon-content periodicals and anthologies that have been analyzed by chapters.

Mormon-Content Periodicals


Beehive History 17 (1991). Published annually by the Utah State Historical Society, Salt Lake City. This issue was dedicated to twentieth-century Utahns of achievement. We included the works of those authors whose descriptions clearly indicated they were Latter-day Saints.

BYU Studies

BYU Studies 31 (1991). Published quarterly by Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

BYU Today

BYU Today 45 (1991). Published six times a year by Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah. Includes feature articles, news items, and columns.


CMSA: Canadian Mormon Studies Association Newsletter/ACEM: Bulletin de L’Association Canadienne D’Etudes Mormones. Edited by Clyde R. Forsberg. Vol. 1, no. 1 in August 1991, frequency not listed. Published by CMSA/ACEM, an organization which promotes the study of the Mormon experience in Canada.


Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 24 (1991). Published quarterly by the Dialogue Foundation, Logan, Utah.


Ensign 21 (1991). Published monthly by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Exponent II

Exponent II 16 (1991). Published quarterly by Exponent II, Inc., Arlington, Massachusetts. No official connection with the LDS Church. Issue no. 4 not available at time of compilation.


Inscape (1991). A forum for student fiction, published semiannually by the Brigham Young University English Department and College of Humanities, Provo, Utah.


Insight 6 (1991). A forum for nonfiction writing, published once each semester by the Brigham Young University Honors Program, Provo, Utah.


Insights: An Ancient Window, nos. 1–6 (1991). Published six times a year by the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (F.A.R.M.S.), Provo, Utah.


Journal of Mormon History 17 (1991). Published annually by the Mormon History Association, Provo, Utah.


The John Whitmer Historical Association Journal 11 (1991). Published annually by the association, Lamoni, Iowa. Deals with Latter-day Saint history.


Literature and Belief 11 (1991). Published annually by the Brigham Young University College of Humanities, Provo, Utah.


The Leading Edge, nos. 23–24 (1991). A forum for science fiction and fantasy, published triannually by Brigham Young University English Department and College of Humanities, Provo, Utah. Only two issues appeared in 1991.


The Mormon History Association Newsletter, nos. 79–82 (1991). Published quarterly by the Mormon History Association, Provo, Utah.

Mormon Issues

Mormon Issues 1–2 (1991). Published monthly by Mormon Miscellaneous, Sandy, Utah. Only issues 1 and 2 were available at time of compilation.

Nauvoo Journal

Nauvoo Journal 3 (1991). Published quarterly by the Early Mormon Research Institute, Hyrum, Utah. Contains a continuing article entitled “Early Branches 1830–1850.” Also includes other miscellaneous articles about Nauvoo.

New Era

New Era 21 (1991). Official monthly publication for youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Pioneer 38 (1991). Published bimonthly by the National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers, Salt Lake City.


Restoration Voice 75–80 (1991). Published six times a year by Cumorah Books, Independence, Missouri. No official connection with the RLDS Church. Included in this bibliography are only articles of a historical nature relating to the period of time before the separation.


Review of Books on Mormonism 3 (1991). Published annually by the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (F.A.R.M.S.), Provo, Utah.

Saints Herald

Saints Herald 138 (1991). The monthly family magazine published by the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, with headquarters in the Auditorium, Independence, Missouri.


Snake River Echoes 20 (1991). Published annually by the Upper Snake River Valley Historical Society, Rexburg, Idaho. This issue is entitled “A Focus on Medicine.” We included the works of those authors whose descriptions clearly indicated they were Latter-day Saints.


Sunstone 15 (1991). Published monthly by the Sunstone Foundation, Salt Lake City.

This People

This People 12 (1991). Published quarterly by Utah Alliance Publishing, Salt Lake City. Contains feature articles and columns.


Utah Historical Quarterly 59 (1991). Published quarterly by the Utah State Historical Society, Salt Lake City.


The Witness, nos. 72–75 (1991). Published quarterly by the Foundation for Research on Ancient America, Independence, Missouri.


Zion’s Advocate 68 (1991). Published monthly. The official publication of the Church of Christ, with headquarters on the Temple Lot, Independence, Missouri.


Zarahemla Record, nos. 53–58 (1991). Published bimonthly by the Zarahemla Research Foundation, Independence, Missouri.

Anthologies Analyzed by Chapter


Taylor, Curtis, and Stan Zenk, eds. Christmas for the World: A Gift to the Children. Salt Lake City: Aspen Books, 1991.

DLLS (1990)

Deseret Language and Linguistic Society: Selected Papers from the Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Symposium 22–23 February 1990. Ed. Melvin J. Luthy. Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University, 1990.

DLLS (1991)

DLLS Proceedings 1991: Proceedings of the Deseret Language and Linguistics Society 1991 Symposium. Provo, Utah: Brigham Young University, 1991.


Brigham Young University 1990–91 Devotional Speeches. Provo, Utah: University Publications, 1991.


Feeling Great, Doing Right, Hanging Tough: Favorite Talks from Especially for Youth. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1991.


Alexander, Thomas G., ed. Great Basin Kingdom Revisited: Contemporary Perspectives. Logan, Utah: Utah State University Press, 1991.


Clark, Carol L., and others. Knit Together in Love: A Focus for LDS Women in the 1990s. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1991.


Van Orden, Bruce A., and Brent L. Top, eds. The Lord of the Gospels: The 1990 Sperry Symposium on the New Testament. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1991.


Nyman, Monte S., and Charles D. Tate Jr., eds. The Book of Mormon: Mosiah, Salvation Only through Christ. Provo, Utah: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1991.


Schow, Ron, Wayne Schow, and Marybeth Raynes, eds. Peculiar People: Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation. Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1991.


Sorenson, John L., and Melvin J. Thorne, eds. Rediscovering the Book of Mormon. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book; Provo, Utah: F.A.R.M.S., 1991.


The Restored Gospel and Applied Christianity: Student Essays in Honor of President David O. McKay, 1991. Provo, Utah: Center for the Study of Christian Values in Literature and the Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University, 1991.


Shumway, Eric B., ed. and trans. Tongan Saints: Legacy of Faith. Laie, Hawaii: Institute for Polynesian Studies, 1991.


Sillito, John, ed. The Wilderness of Faith: Essays on Contemporary Mormon Thought. Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1991.


Anderson, Dawn Hall, and Marie Cornwall, eds. Women and the Power Within: To See Life Steadily and See It Whole. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1991.

Arts and Literature

Novels, short stories, plays, poetry, critical essays, personal essays, music, and articles about the arts written by or about Mormons.


Dant, D. R. “Gary Ernest Smith: Invitation to the Viewer.” BYU Studies 31 (Fall 1991): 29–30.

———. “J. Roman Andrus: Extending the Senses.” BYU Studies 31 (Summer 1991): 128.

———. “Max D. Weaver.” BYU Studies 31 (Winter 1991): 101.

———. “Nancy Wiest Nay: Calligrapher.” BYU Studies 31 (Spring 1991): 192.

Swanson, Vern G. “Mormon Art and Belief Movement.” Southwest Art 21 (December 1991): 66–70.

———. Robert S. Olpin, and William C. Seifrit. Utah Art. Layton, Utah: Peregrine Smith Books, 1991.

Critical Essays

Austin, Mike. “Hero Sings the Blues.” Inscape, 1991, no. 2:55–67.

Chandler, Neal. “Book of Mormon Stories That My Teachers Kept from Me.” Dialogue 24 (Winter 1991): 13–30.

Claussen, Kim. “The Structure of Discourse in Hymns in Latter-day Saint Hymnals.” In DLLS (1990), 160–69.

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Black, Nancy Allen. Gert Fram: A Kids’ Book for Grown-Ups. Greensboro, N.C.: Hatrack River, 1991.

Card, Orson Scott. Xenocide. New York: Tom Doherty Associates, 1991.

Duncan, Lisa. The Image Trap. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1991.

Duncan, Thom. Moroni Smith in the Land of Zarahemla. Bountiful, Utah: Horizon Publishers, 1991.

Durrant, George D. Never Alone. Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1991.

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———. Lucky’s Mud Festival. Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, 1991.

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Kirby, Robert. Brigham’s Bees: A Novel. Orem, Utah: Cedar Fort, 1991.

———. Dark Angel. Orem, Utah: Cedar Fort, 1991.

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Personal Essays

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