Mormon’s Map

I have tremendous respect for the many Book of Mormon studies John Sorenson has previously written. Having been privileged to work with him on some of these, I know he is a careful researcher who meticulously supports his positions with appropriate and important evidences. So I anticipated that Mormon’s Map would be up to the standards I expect from him and FARMS. I was not disappointed.

Mormon’s Map carefully and concisely accomplishes what it sets out to do: to help readers “gain a better understanding of Book of Mormon geography and the benefits associated with that [understanding].” The map, though admittedly tentative, offers three “services” to readers of the Book of Mormon: to provide “a model that we can apply to stories from the record to check their consistency and perhaps shed new light on factors they involved that had not occurred to us before”; to “discern new questions about geography—that is, see gaps in our knowledge for which we might seek answers by consulting Mormon’s text anew”; and to summarize a set of criteria “against which to evaluate proposals for where in the external world Nephite lands were located.”

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