New Testament Apostles Testify of Christ

“You can often tell a book by its cover” is a modified adage we librarians have followed for decades. But it is apparently also true for artists, one of whom saw me with Ogden and Skinners book in hand. Her comment was, “That must be a fine book if it uses Caravaggio’s inspired painting Supper at Emmaus as the cover art.” Indeed, the scene, which depicts the Savior breaking bread with one of the Apostles, likewise beckons us to partake of the Bread of Life offered by the Apostles of the meridian of time.

Having taught an occasional New Testament class for the past twenty-five years, I have been acutely aware of student interest not only in the doctrines taught by Jesus Christ and the early Apostles but also in the cultural, historical, and linguistic milieu of the Gospels and Epistles. Unfortunately, the sources for this information have been so diversified and obscure that to use them in an undergraduate or Gospel Doctrine course would have required not only substantial additional time but also a scholarly discernment beyond that of most instructors. In New Testament Apostles Testify of Christ, Ogden and Skinner very nicely fill the need for a concise and readable commentary. The volume gathers appropriate photographs, maps, charts, diagrams, and commentary while describing the history and geography of the New Testament world.

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