Nurturing Faith through the Book of Mormon: The 24th Annual Sperry Symposium

Seeds sown by Sidney B. Sperry during his forty years of teaching and research at Brigham Young University, are still bearing fruit. New generations of scholars, nourished by Dean Sperry’s example, are casting their seeds on fresh fields, inviting us all to reap the harvest. All of the authors in this book “are recognized authorities on the Book of Mormon;” Ludlow, Elder Holland, Rasmussen, Matthews, and Millet have each served as deans of religious education, succeeding Sperry.

The 1995 Sperry Symposium, “Nurturing Faith through the Book of Mormon,” celebrates the centennial of Sperry’s birth. Scholars pay tribute to Sperry by counseling us to “learn by study and by faith as much as possible about the history, practices, principles, and doctrines found in the scriptures.” In an introductory chapter, Ellis Rasmussen reveals the roots of Sidney Sperry’s philosophy as a teacher, a scholar, and a man: “Brother Sperry hoped to deepen the faith of Latter-day Saint students” and “believed that understanding the historical setting in which each prophet lived and worked” was vital to understanding their message.

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