On Becoming a Disciple-Scholar: Lectures Presented at the Brigham Young University Honors Program Discipline and Discipleship Lecture Series

Spiritual scholars. Is this asking too much of our Mormon academics? Elder Dallin H. Oaks expresses “the confident expectation that BYU students who qualify for academic honors are also specially interested and qualified in the things of the Spirit.” However, it is precisely because academics do not always school their scholarship with spirituality that Paul Cox, dean of General Education and Honors at Brigham Young University, initiated a lecture series entitled “Discipline and Discipleship,” which explored the role of religious commitment to studies in various disciplines. What emerges from this lecture series is a multifaceted conversation that shapes a portrait of a spiritual scholar, one who has found ways to consecrate knowledge on the altar of faith.

The essence of this book is a timely warning to academics who love knowledge only for itself. But more importantly, this volume serves as a reassuring guidebook for those who wish to speak “with the bilingual voice of both the intellect and the Spirit.”

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