Photographs of Church Meetings among the U.S. Military in World War II

In the dark days of World War II, U.S. service personnel found themselves suddenly far from home, uprooted not only from the physical safety of their native soil but also from the nourishment of loved ones and religious fellowship. In the spiritual desert of war, Latter-day Saints in the military did what they could to tap into the wellsprings of their faith, as these photographs of Mormon meetings attest.

The war that brought about unparalleled devastation around the world also resulted in unparalleled numbers of photographs, making World War II the best-documented event up to that time in history. Of these millions of photographs, the most familiar are the shocking images such as those of the attack on Pearl Harbor, which will be forever printed on the public consciousness. However, even in the midst of the brutality, some happy moments were recorded on film. We present here a few of those hopeful images, now returning to light from dusty albums, old trunks, and long-forgotten personal records, images memorable as testimonials to faith that shines through the long night of war.

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