Popol Vuh: The Mystic Sections-Tales of First Beginnings from the Ancient K’iche’-Maya

This book is the second of the FARMS series Ancient Texts and Mormon Studies. The complete title, Popol Vuh: The Mythic Sections—Tales of First Beginnings from the Ancient K’iche’-Maya, reveals that Allen Christenson chose to publish the part of the Popol Vuh (an ancient Mayan story) that explains the Mayan view of the creation of humankind. The unpublished part deals with the protohistory of K’iche’ nobility.

Christenson prepared himself well to undertake the onerous task of translating a text whose language is very remote from English and whose content is far removed from what is culturally conceivable to English speakers. Christenson spoke K’iche’ as a missionary in Guatemala and under the direction of the renowned Mayanist Linda Schele, earned his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin.

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