Prayer under a Pepper Tree: Sixteen Accounts of a Spiritual Manifestation

Among the many spiritual manifestations that occurred during David O. McKay’s 1920–21 world tour came a remarkable event during the thirty-six hours they spent on Maui. On the grounds of the little chapel at Pulehu, President Mckay felt inspired to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for a small party of brethren. During that prayer, all five men were deeply stirred spiritually testified of visions and other experiences where the veil was very thin. Thanks largely to the kindness of many members of the families involved, Lavina Fielding Anderson has found sixteen separate accounts of this event, all but four of them unpublished. This essay examines these accounts in chronological order and in the context of the participants’ lives, as an exploration of the dynamics of memory, faith, love, and spirituality.

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