Psalter for the Eternal Mother


i. Goddess Protecting the Light

O, Lady of Luminous Things, Vessel of Radiance
and Wisdom, Let-There-Be and Bearing Witness—

O, Big Bang and Columbidae, Hymn shivering
the gossamer tapestry radiant beneath the cosmos’ skin—

O, Summons to Breathe, Hands prayered around stardust
and cosmic bodies huffing cataclysm and holiness into

nebulae surging like an oracle, like a peep stone streaming
the ancient and always nativity of consciousness—

O, Gnostic Mother: First Word, First Light, First Love—
May we flicker with the brightness of your verbs— May

their bounty grant us appetite to wander and believe
beyond knowing— May the insatiable quanta

of your vibrance spread their fingers through our dreams,
weave the symbols into glossaries of movement and renewal—


ii. The Goddess Speaks

Feel the pull of her words deep in your bones,
in your goose flesh rising as her voice climbs
the ancient staircase of your genes, footfalls rapping
with the cosmos’ pulse, with the tangled hustle
of stardust humming, throbbing, cracking worlds open
in the crowd come to bask in her open-air sermon on
flesh and breath. Let her sermon gentle the body’s
erratic liturgy, its litany of DNA and longing.

Watch her preaching swell into an infinite cathedral.
See how the incense of her verbs tickles the pillars?
How she singes the nave with her exegesis? How
the chancel burns in the open canon of her glory?
See how the flames halo at her touch? How they
tongue her secrets? How they whisper your name?


After Protecting the Light (2015) and The Goddess Speaks (2014) by J. Kirk Richards.

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