Reading Habits of Church-Active LDS Women



Reading research about members of the LDS church is scarce. While scattered and fragmentary data exist from unpublished studies, little has been made available to public view. These studies cover diverse subjects such as reading skills of missionaries, readability levels of Church materials and scripture, description-evaluations of Church literacy projects, family scripture reading practices, comprehension of Church materials in different languages, reading problems in seminary populations, and the reading habits of Brigham Young University students. Except for the original survey by Appleton on which this study is based, however, we are aware of no research, published or unpublished, on the reading habits of LDS adults that is comparable to the several cross-sectional surveys of the reading habits of North American adults of varied socio-economic and educational backgrounds. These surveys tend to produce uniform results: women between the ages 21 and 40 who are housewives and who are in the highest income brackets make up the largest group of readers. In view of this predominance of women readers, we thought it might be interesting to survey selected North American LDS women to discover what they read, how much time they spend reading, and where their reading material was obtained, and to relate this data to characteristics of the group, including age, education, employment, income, marital status, length of Church membership, and children in the home.

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