Recent Bibliography on the Trials of Jesus



In recent years, numerous books and articles have been written about the arrest, accusation, interrogations, trials, mocking, and execution of Jesus. Many of the details about these procedures are insignificant when compared with the eternal consequences of the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Nevertheless, questions about the historicity and interpretation of the New Testament accounts continue to generate controversy in large part precisely because of their association with those culminating events in the mortal mission of Jesus. Since the scriptures and revelations leave many questions unanswered about the trials of Jesus, readers are left to sort through the data to understand their meaning as best as they can.

Anyone striving to survey and assess the vast array of scholarly analysis and religious reflection that has been published on this topic in recent decades confronts a formidable task. The following bibliography classifies the major books and articles that have dealt specifically with various legal dimensions of the trials of Jesus. The categories range from recognition of the joint complicity of Jews and Romans in the death of Jesus to the nature of the various charges brought against Jesus.

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