Religions of the World

A Latter-day Saint View

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Religions of the World: A Latter-day Saint View, by Spencer J. Palmer, Roger R. Keller, Dong Sull Choi, and James A. Toronto (Brigham Young University, 1997)

In early 1997, President Hinckley announced that Church membership outside the United States had surpassed that within the country. Now, more than ever before, Latter-day Saints are interacting regularly with peoples of other faiths and cultures. In keeping with this international outreach, this popular text, used throughout the Church for the study of world religions, has been revised and expanded. Two additional authors, several new chapters, a number of new illustrations, and much updated material add fresh perspectives to the former edition’s tried-and-true approach. The result portrays the vivid spectrum of truth as it extends across cultures and religious systems. The book presents a wealth of vital information for leaders, missionaries, and members seeking greater understanding of the peoples of the world and the beliefs that motivate them.


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