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This is the cover image that the article describes. It features a large tree in the foreground with people coming towards it and the Salt Lake Temple in the background.
Restoration, by Gloria Seipert Sebring, 2020. Watercolor on paper, 16½" x 24".

This symbolically rich watercolor is bathed in living analogous colors of blue, green, and yellow. The spheres represent worlds without end and give it an ethereal feeling of eternal realms that interconnect people through time and space.

Starting in the lower left corner, we see decomposing organic matter representing the old. Within it are seeds, plants, berries, flowers, and moss. This is potential, or future life. The forget-me-not flowers represent eternal love, the knowing and remembering of covenants, and life eternal.

Growing, reaching upward from the left corner is a forest, the Sacred Grove, the location of the beginning of the Restoration, a reminder of the First Vision.

The roots growing out to the right represent humankind being gathered from the four corners of the earth through missionary work to the tree of life. Here families are reaching and striving for the light and life within the tree. Moroni leads the way with his trumpet. Abraham is off to the left watching his posterity and pointing the way. The keys are restored and ever present. The sealing power of the temple is represented as the ultimate goal.



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