Science, Religion, and Mormon Cosmology

Erich Robert Paul’s Science, Religion, and Mormon Cosmology presents a carefully crafted analysis of the relationships between Latter-day Saint theology and cosmology and between Mormon religious practice and secular scientific and technological progress and an assessment of their impact on Latter-day Saint thought and theology. An unabashedly scholarly history, it is replete with learned footnotes and includes an excellent bibliographical essay. It may be a sign of the times that it was written by a Latter-day Saint professor at an institution of higher learning on the eastern slope of the Appalachians. It may also be portentous that the book was published by the university press of a state whence the Mormons were driven out at gunpoint in the winter of 1846—a press now boasting one of the longest book lists on Mormon history. Plainly bound, but graced by illustrations ranging from medieval cosmological schemes to the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram of stellar evolution, the book is a substantial contribution to the growing library of books on Mormon intellectual history.

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