Solomon Chamberlin’s Missing Pamphlet: Dreams, Visions, and Angelic Ministrants

Now and then a historian’s long-time quest for a particular document that seemed impossible to find is unexpectedly rewarded when the item suddenly materializes. For years I searched to find a pamphlet published by Solomon Chamberlin (1788-1862), an April 1830 convert to the Church in western New York. The pamphlet had been published in 1829 and is mentioned in Chamberlin’s autobiography and in John Taylor’s journal.

In July 1989 a copy of the pamphlet suddenly surfaced and was acquired by Brigham Young University. It tells of the early experiences of a visionary man who was guided to Joseph Smith in Palmyra and who recognized the Restoration as the fulfillment of his spiritual quest. This article includes extensive background on Solomon Chamberlin and the text of his pamphlet.

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