Some Thoughts on the Gospel and the Behavioral Sciences



It will not surprise me in the least if some of the insights and methodologies of able, orthodox, LDS behavioral scientists will exert an increasing gravitational pull on some of our thoughtful nonmember colleagues in the years ahead. Perhaps there will even be the academic equivalent of what Isaiah foresaw, and thoughtful souls will say in various ways, “Come ye, let us go up” to the Lord’s house of learning to be taught and shown his ways (see Isa. 2:3). If we are not ashamed of Jesus Christ and his teachings, he will not be ashamed of us. When we seek to communicate, however, with those in the world of scholarship, we must speak to them and communicate with them “after the manner of their language” (see D&C 1:24). We can, as many LDS behavioral scientists have done, develop our skills in that “tongue” without coming to prefer it and without losing the mother tongue of faith.


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