Succession in the Church


Succession! What must be one of the most critical issues in all the doctrine of the priesthood has also been the subject of rather slow development in the presiding councils of the Church, perpetual speculation among the Church members, unparalleled opportunity for outside aspirants to the Presidency, and less-than-exhaustive scholarship in Church literature. The truly comprehensive analysis of the entire issue in this dispensation has not yet been written, but this new book by Durham and Heath is a major step in that direction. Indeed, these authors appear well qualified to eventually produce the magnum opus, when and if a market for such ever develops.

Up to now, literature on succession has taken the form of short missionary tracts, small books aimed at defending LDS views against those of some splinter group, or introductory sections in the many gospel synopses on the market. Durham and Heath now set out to trace for the LDS member the entire history of priesthood succession in this dispensation, and strictly from the LDS point of view. It is an attempt to demonstrate the development and application of the current LDS doctrine, and spends little time with the many opposing interpretations and concepts that have been devised over the years. The existence of such interpretations and groups is covered in less than two pages, with a rather extensive footnote to guide the reader to further literature in the area.


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