The Apocalypse of Peter

Introduction and Translation



The Apocalypse of Peter is one of the fifty-three religious treatises which comprise the Coptic Gnostic Library of Nag Hammadi. This collection of texts was discovered by Egyptian peasants about 1946 near the modern village of Chenoboskion, Egypt, just across the Nile from the town of Nag Hammadi. This introduction to the Apocalypse of Peter explains how it and other Coptic texts make up a collection with material pertaining to figures from the Old and New Testaments. The Apocalypse relates Jesus and Peter discussing doctrine in a temple, the day before the Crucifixion. The text seems to support Docetism, the idea that the physical Jesus and the spiritual Jesus were two separate beings; as with other Gnostic materials, it hints at secret rituals. It also foretells the Apostasy.


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