The Bernhisel Manuscript Copy of Joseph Smith’s Inspired Version of the Bible



The Bernhisel Manuscript is so named because it is a hand-written copy made by Dr. John M. Bernhisel from the original manuscripts of Joseph Smith’s “New Translation” of the Bible. In order to correctly assess and analyze the Bernhisel copy, it is first necessary to survey the original documents from which it was copied and then examine in detail the procedure and completeness of the Bernhisel Manuscript.

This article observes that the Bernhisel Manusript is an “interpretive” copy of the originals and could not have been the basic source for the Moses and Matthew materials in either the 1851 or the 1878 editions of the Peal of Great Price. However, the Bernhisel copy has significant value as a witness to the present integrity of the original manuscripts, and as such is an important historical document of special interest to both RLDS and LDS people.



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