The Best of Lowell L. Bennion

Selected Writings 1928–1988


The last two decades have seen Lowell L. Bennion become both a legend and hero of Mormon intellectuals. If the Latter-day Saints, like the Catholics, officially bestowed sainthood, he would certainly be a leading candidate. Mary Bradford, a former Bennion student, is busily engaged in writing his definitive biography, and a University of Utah chair has been funded and named in his honor. Recently inducted into the Utah Hall of Fame, Lowell is the subject of an essay written by Douglas Alder, another former student, in a recently published book about great institute teachers. Now a volume containing thirty-three of his best essays chosen from more than 120 of his articles and books written while living a life spanning more than eighty years, has been published by Deseret Book Company. His life and thought, while gentle, filled with charity, kindness, and love, certainly had its share of controversy and even some disappointment.


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