The Challenge and Responsibility of the L.D.S. Teacher



The subject of this paper, originally delivered as a talk to graduating English majors and the English faculty at Brigham Young University, and now slightly revised as an essay, is an ominous one. The responsibilities resting on the shoulders of a teacher, as any teacher knows, are both frightening and wonderful. No role, unless it is parenthood, provides a more awesome challenge than does teaching. And it is in the realm of these challenges and responsibilities that I wish to share some thoughts.

Because I am an English teacher, what I say will have a special relevancy to the teaching of English; but I hope I have spread the focus enough to encompass the broad field of teaching as a whole. Also, part of what I say will explore the challenges that all teachers share, and part will explore the special challenges peculiar to L.D.S. teachers. As a beginning let me describe seven types of teachers that I feel we should determine with all our will power never to become: . . .


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