The Church Encounters Asia



Seldom in the Church has a book been written which fills such an immediate and obvious need. With the recent organization of a stake in Tokyo, the first in Asia, and the success of the Mormon Pavilion at Expo ’70, the desire to know about missionary activities in Asia has probably never been greater among church members. All should welcome this thoroughly readable and unusually moving account of the beginnings and development of Mormon “Asiatica.” Although some masters’ theses have dealt with specific countries and a number of articles on the work in Asia have appeared in Dialogue, BYU Studies, The Improvement Era, and The Church News, Dr. Palmer’s book is the first to incorporate an up-to-date account of the Church in all Asian countries where the restored Gospel has found root.

Another first is the publishing of a full account of the travels of Elders David O. McKay and Hugh J. Cannon in Korea, Manchuria, and China, as recorded by Cannon in 1921.


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