The Church’s Image in Italy from the 1840s to 1946: A Bibliographic Essay

Since Italy’s transformation from a kingdom to a republic in 1946 and the reestablishment of the Italian Mission in 1966, there has been a virtual explosion of articles published in Italy concerning The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles have appeared in the Italian press, as well as a scattering of books and pamphlets. Nevertheless, fewer books containing references to the Church were published in Italy during the last twenty-five years than in the preceding one hundred years. Many of these earlier books do not appear in Chad J. Flake’s Mormon Bibliography and its ten-year supplement, which attempt to identify all books published concerning the Church from 1830 to 1930. Some of these works were published by the Latter-day Saints themselves after the establishment of the short-lived Italian Mission (1850–1867); others were published by Italian travelers to the American west after the completion of the transcontinental railroad; and a few are translations of accounts written by British, French and German authors. The remaining books and articles were published by those who had never visited Utah but still had opinions concerning the Church. This essay will identify and briefly describe these works.

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