The Dead Sea Scrolls and Original Christianity

The historical connection between the Dead Sea community and original Christianity has been the subject of controversy for more than a decade. In spite of this present book, the problem of the relationship of the early Christian Church to the Qumran order still remains. However, this volume is important in that it represents one of the first attempts by a Mormon writer to inform L.D.S. Church members concerning the Scrolls and the sect which preserved them.

In the first four chapters of his book, Dr. Robinson reviews the historical data related to the actual discovery of the Scrolls in 1947, and he sketches the intriguing story of their recognition as one of the monumental archaeological discoveries of the century. The author describes the major manuscripts. In addition, he discusses briefly their significance and the problems of date. The above material is interestingly and effectively presented. It is written in a scholarly fashion, yet avoids the difficulties of technical terminology and controversial detail. An asset to the book is the excellent photographs of the Dead Sea area, of the caves from which scrolls and fragments were taken, and of jars in which the Scrolls had been preserved.

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