The Early Baptist Career of Sidney Rigdon in Warren, Ohio



Undoubtedly one of the most enigmatic characters of Mormon history is Sidney Rigdon (1793–1876). He was one-time adviser and right-hand man to Joseph Smith; he lost out against Brigham Young in the succession crisis of 1844; and, after founding an obscure sect, he died forgotten in Friendship, New York. This article presents new biographical information on the Disciple Rigdon, information hitherto unavailable to his biographers. This new data, contained in the church record of the Baptist church in Warren, Ohio, cover his stay as a licensed—and later as an ordained— Baptist minister in Warren from 4 March 1820 to 5 January 1822. On the basis of this information, more light can be shed upon the early career of Sidney Rigdon.



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Abel, Cain

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