The Exodus Story

Ancient and Modern Parallels

Book Notice

The Exodus Story: Ancient and Modern Parallels, by Richard Neitzel Holzapfel (Bookcraft, 1997)

This short book finds, in the New Testament, the Doctrine and Covenants, and personal experience, parallels to the Old Testament Exodus story in the Hexateuch. This effort, aimed at the lay LDS reader, is more an attempt to “liken all scriptures unto us” (1 Ne. 19:23) than a scholarly exegesis written for university colleagues (4). Holzapfel thus acknowledges the work of other LDS scholars who have written on Exodus patterns, but makes no overt attempt to dialogue with them.

Instead, Holzapfel brings considerable expertise to his writing by utilizing historical, cultural, and geographical details not generally known. Many readers will enjoy the prodigious array of scriptural quotations drawn here from all four standard works, particularly from the Old Testament; others will wish for more analysis of what the quoted scriptures might mean and how the Exodus theme surfaces repeatedly in salvation history.


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