The Father of the Prophet

Stories and Insights from the Life of Joseph Smith Sr.

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The Father of the Prophet: Stories and Insights from the Life of Joseph Smith Sr. by Mark L. McConkie. (Bookcraft, 1993)

Just before his death in Egypt, Joseph the son of Jacob prophesied that from his seed a seer would be raised up “called Joseph and it shall be after the name of his father” (JST Gen. 50:33). Nephi repeats this prophecy (2 Ne. 3:15), which he likely obtained from the brass plates. With his book The Father of the Prophet, Mark McConkie captures the spirit of that ancient prophecy by honoring the seer’s father, Joseph Smith Sr.

The author provides his readers with a well-researched look at this early Saint, pointing out that the foreordination of Joseph Sr. places him in company with other great men such as Abraham. Detailed physical descriptions and colorful quotations concerning his character from those who knew him well give readers a vivid picture of the man. Glimpses of Joseph Smith Sr. in a range of settings—his home life, his missionary work, and his calling as the first patriarch—demonstrate his undying faith and devotion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


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