The Gospel

God, Man, and Truth

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This theological and philosophical treatment of the subjects named in the title is a fine piece of craftsmanship. Characterized by methodological comprehensiveness, it carries a balanced critique of both the position that reason supersedes revelation and the position that revelation supersedes reason. Certain themes in the book refreshingly state basic Latter-day Saint tenets, such as the fundamental position of Jesus Christ in all scripture and the liberating force of revealed truth, when accepted. Since many essays were originally presented in an academic situation, other issues should have especial appeal to the Mormon intellectual community, such as Professor Yarn’s rather comprehensive discussion of the Latter-day Saint view of man as only environmentally sinful and the definition of intelligence in modern scripture as equated with character. Because of the author’s evident care in the use of terminology, it should be pointed out that use of “Holy Spirit” as different from “Holy Ghost” (p. 52, p. 142) can only breed confusion. “Ghost” is merely archaic English for “spirit”; consequently most modern translations of the New Testament render this Greek phrase literally as “Holy Spirit.”


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